Sleek Thermal

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No one likes lukewarm anything. Keep your hot drinks blazing and your cold drinks freezing with the same container. 

Thermal Insulation

Our flasks are designed to offer up to 6 hours of blazing hot coffee or ice cold water. Our specially designed stainless steel flask creates a vacuum that keeps the heat from your coffee in and the heat from the out doors out of your water.

NO TOUCH opening

Think of all the things your hands come in contact with through out your day any activities you do. Do you want on the lid of your flask or anything else you put your mouth on?

With our NO TOUCH opening system you only have to press one simple button and the lid keeping out all the harmful dirt and bacteria flings open. You do not have to tough anything under the lid just. You do not have to transfer countless surfaces to your water.

Spill Proof Lid

Shake it, drop it, or if your dog uses it as a chew toy nothing is going to leak or come spilling out of this container. Our spill proof cover keeps all your liquids in, and everything else out.

Drink in confidence